5 Practical Money Management Tips

5 Practical Money Management Tips

Image by Pixabay via Pexels

Managing your money is not an easy task. You need to earn money first then save it and invest it. At the same time, you need to handle it well so you won’t end up broke.

We want to help you have a more effective and efficient ways in how to manage your money.

1. Set financial goals

You can list your personal financial goals for the year then divide it per month. This method can help you become hyperfocused into what financial goal you want to achieve in that specific month. Also it will serve as a guide into how you will budget your income to attain and maximize your other financial goals whether it is short term or long term such as savings and investment.

2. Create a budget

Before receiving your salary, it would be better if you can budget it first. You can start with 80% for expenses that can include your budget for rent, bills, food, transportation, and insurance while 20% for savings there no such thing as a small savings but you can also increase it slowly.

3. Build an emergency fund

You can start as low as P500 per month and you can save P6000 in a year as your starter emergency fund. It may be small at first but you can work to increase it month by month.

4. Pay your debts

One of the recommend ways to get out of debt is prioritize the debt with high interest then you can proceed to the next debt with the highest interest and so on. Debt can be a cycle but you have the choice to work on your budget in order for you to get out of it.

5. Educate yourself in the basics of finance

Read personal finance books. You can also start research on the internet about the basics of finance from income, budgeting, credit cards, savings, investing, insurance, to estate planning.