PhilHealth Maternity Care Package (MCP): What You Need to Know

Navigating maternity care can be overwhelming, but the PhilHealth Maternity Care Package (MCP) is here to help. This PhilHealth program is designed to provide financial assistance to expectant mothers in the Philippines, ensuring that both mom and baby receive the necessary care.

In this guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about the MCP, from eligibility and coverage to the application process. Whether you’re a first-time mom or adding to your family, understanding the PhilHealth MCP can make a significant difference in your maternity experience.

Read on to learn how you can benefit from this essential healthcare package.

What is PhilHealth Maternity Care Package?

The PhilHealth Maternity Care Package (MCP) is a benefit that covers the cost of essential health care services for women about to give birth throughout their pregnancy and normal delivery (during antenatal, intrapartum and immediate postpartum periods). The services shall include antenatal care, intrapartum monitoring, assist in normal delivery and post-partum care within 72 hours and 7 days after delivery.

Benefits of PhilHealth Maternity Care Package

The MCP is available to all PhilHealth members, regardless of their employment status or income level. The benefit is renewable every year.

The MCP covers the cost of the following services:

  • Antenatal care: This includes four (4) pre-natal check-ups, as well as other essential services such as laboratory tests, ultrasound, and 2D echocardiogram.
  • Normal delivery: This includes the cost of hospitalization, professional fees, and facility fees.
  • Postpartum care: This includes the cost of hospitalization, professional fees, and facility fees for the first 72 hours after delivery.

The MCP also covers the cost of certain medications that are essential for pregnancy and childbirth.

To be eligible for the MCP, members must meet certain criteria. These criteria include:

  • The member must be a pregnant woman.
  • The member must be a PhilHealth member in good standing.
  • The member must have completed the required number of pre-natal check-ups.
  • The member must deliver in a PhilHealth-accredited hospital.

How to Claim PhilHealth Maternity Care Package

To file a claim for the MCP, members must submit a claim form to their local PhilHealth office. The claim form must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • PhilHealth member ID card
  • Proof of payment of PhilHealth premiums
  • Hospital discharge summary
  • Medical receipts

Once the claim is processed, PhilHealth will reimburse the member for the cost of the covered services.

The MCP is a valuable benefit that can help to reduce the financial burden of pregnancy and childbirth for PhilHealth members and their families.

Here are some additional information about PhilHealth Maternity Care Package:

  • The MCP is worth Php6,500 if availed of in an accredited hospital and Php8,000 when availed of in accredited birthing homes, maternity clinics, infirmaries or dispensaries.
  • The MCP can be availed of up to 45 days before the expected date of delivery.
  • The MCP can be availed of only once in a calendar year.

For any concerns or inquiries regarding your PhilHealth matters, you can easily reach out for assistance. You can send an email to [email protected] or you can check our guide in other ways to contact Philhealth.

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