How to Send Money from BPI Online to Palawan Express

Remember when you had to wait in line for an hour simply to transfer money with Palawan Express? Well now, transferring money from BPI to Palawan Express is a breeze! You may quickly send money to family and friends with a few mouse clicks. We’ll show you how to send money from BPI to Palawan Express quickly and efficiently. We’ll also provide you some ideas and strategies to make your money transfer run as smoothly as possible.

  1. On the BPI Mobile app, swipe up and select BPI to Cash, or go to the BPI to Cash website.
BPI Mobile app
BPI to Cash
  1. Select Palawan Express as your cash pickup partner.

3. Enter the monetary value.

4. Enter the recipient’s Full Name and Phone Number.

5. To confirm the information, check the certification box and then click Next.

6. Please enter your Email Address and Name.

7. Select the Bank of the Philippines.

8. Enter your BPI Online login credentials.

9. Select an account and enter your One-Time Password. (OTP).

10. You will be given the 13-digit BPI to Cash reference code that displays on the confirmation page, which you will present to the beneficiary.


  • There will be a service cost of Php 99 for each send out.
  • Recipients may claim the funds one hour after the sender has completed the transaction successfully. Transactions completed after 4:00 p.m. can be claimed the following day.
  • The hours for claiming are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

How to Receive Money from BPI to Palawan Express

  1. Please enter the 13-digit reference code (P+12-digit number) that appeared on the screen or in the email confirmation.
  2. Visit your local Palawan Express outlet.
  3. Make it clear to the Palawan Express outlet that this is a ‘BPI to Cash’ transaction.
  4. Show your valid ID.
  5. If the cash are not released despite the following, please contact Palawan Express Customer Service Representatives: