Demand Letter to Collect Rental

Demand Letter to Collect Rental

1 July 2022

616 Rose Street
Central, Quezon City

Dear Sir:

This is in connection with your unpaid rentals covering the period January 2022 to June 2022 in the total amount of P100,000.00 being referred to me by Mrs. Pia Concepcion, the owner of the house you are occupying, for legal action warranted under the circumstances.

Repeated demands were made upon you by my client to update your rental arrearages in violation of the lease agreement and to vacate the premises you are occupying, but you failed and refused and still fails and refuses to vacate the same to the damage and prejudice of my client. 

Accordingly, demand is hereby made upon you to pay the amount of P100,000.00 directly to my client within FIFTEEN (15) days from receipt of this letter. Otherwise, I will be constrained to file the necessary legal action against you to protect my client's interest without further notice. 

Truly yours,

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