Cover Letter Visa Application



The Hononrable Consul
Embassy of Netherlands
26th Floor BDO Equitable Tower
8751 Paseo de Roxas, Makati City, Philippines

Dear Sir/Madam,

Good day!

I would like to apply for Schengen visa to cover our intention to travel to Europe from (Date) to (Date), a period of (Days), of which we will spend within Schengen Area. 

We will be visiting 6 countries in Europe, all of which are within the Schengen zone: Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Italy. We are applying through your honorable embassy because we will be staying in Netherlands the longest. 

The main purpose of our travel is tourism. Over the past ten years, I have been to numerous countries United States, Australia and Japan. I returned to the Philippines after every trip and never overstayed during my trip. 

I have been employed as (Position) at (Company) for (Number) of years.

Please see attached detailed itinerary of our intended 


(Phone Number)
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