Lessons I learned during these times

Lessons I learned during these times - Life Guide PH

Image by ANTHR_Photoblog via Pixabay

1. Life is unpredictable.

You may plan ahead for the year but one sudden event may change everything. It’s not that everything is canceled but it’s just put on hold for the meantime. From career growth, travel, family gathering, and the like. It seems everything is affected but hey you should be grateful to be alive and well.

2. If you want it so badly go get it and don’t wait.

I’ve been hunting for an oversized blazer for almost a year now but I can’t find the perfect fit for my petite body and frugal pocket but after one scroll on Instagram, I was able to score a Calvin Klein blazer that is at par with what my favorite influencers are wearing that would for sure elevate my outfit. It wasn’t my first choice yet I keep thinking that I waited for so long already and I don’t want to prolong the agony of hunting for a blazer across different shopping and social platforms. 

3. Connect with yourself.

Check on yourself first. Is there something bothering you? Do you consider yourself toxic? Do you want to heal from your past traumas? Being in isolation makes you even dwell on your problems more since your usual coping mechanism is no longer working in this time of quarantine. You just result facing it and apply all things your therapist told you.

4. Time to reconnect.

Get in touch with friends and ask them how they are coping. This situation is quite harsh to everyone’s mental health and we’re all trying our best to get through.

5. Work on something.

I’m not advocating being productive all the time because I know it’s not realistic even though I am having problems with getting it together. But you can start small like doing again the hobbies that you lost track of, start a business that is essential to the community, or you can even work on your dream body.

6. Be open to growth and possibilities.

In this uncertain time, try to explore the world in your bed or couch whether it’s learning new from online courses, TED talks, a simple catching up session with family and friends, or even meeting someone special. The possibilities are endless, it’s for you to explore the world.

7. Allocate resources wisely.

Use what you have at home before making an impulsive purchase that would just bring in clutter. Set a budget in every category since you can minimize your expenses by staying at home, you can also sell the things you don’t use, barter them within the community, donate it to the ones who are in need, and have fundraising to help the marginalized sector

8. Glow up and grow up.

This is the perfect time to glow up and grow up. We’ve all been thinking, maybe if I have time, I can do this or that… and now the universe gave it to us. Just imagine the time you spend getting ready for work and commuting, now we’re just in the comfort of our own homes. It’s in our hands if we’re going to use this time to better ourselves.

9. Life is not on pause.

You can use this time to do many things. Fixing and strengthening relationships with family, friends, and the love of your life. Heal yourself from all the traumas you’ve had. Finding your life purpose. Tick off the things you haven’t done for a long time on your to-do list. Set new goals for the new normal. Do the things you’ve been putting off for so long.

10. We can still be normal during the new times.

As we wear masks every time we go out, social distancing wherever we go, contactless transactions and our lives go to 360. We can still work from home, see our friends using video conferences and work on ourselves to be better.
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