How to Start New Habits in 2023

  1. Visualization

Imagine the life that you to achieve when you wake up to motivate you to start your day right. It will help you to stay on track with what you want to accomplish on a daily basis.

2. Create a sphere of good influence

Just like visualization, what you are feeding your mind with endless scrolling on social media can affect your overall well-being. Whether it’s comparing yourself to someone you know or just being constantly bombarded with unnecessary updates that you will not add value to your life. Treat it like feeding your brain with the media you consume just like what you do with food in your body.

3. Don’t be too self-reliant

Crowdsourcing in other terms. This sounds like basic advice but it would really help you a lot to ask for help from others when you need something that you already exhausted your time and effort. It could build relationships and get you closer to your friends.

4. Check your mental well being

This sound like more of a self-intervention when you feel something is not in tune with yourself or when you get overwhelmed. You can try starting a journal to write down your thoughts as a way of coping mechanism.

You can always start a new habit at any time of the year. It is you who can make a change in your life.

Happy New Year!

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