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How to Purchase Gomo Sim

Do you want to use your data forever?

These days everyone has Wi-Fi at home, and when we buy data for going out, it sometimes goes to waste because it doesn’t roll over and expires. But we found a way to avoid this situation

Gomo has it for us! For only P399 you can enjoy 30 GB of data that won’t expire.

How to Purchase Gomo Sim with 30GB Data (free delivery)

1. Go to Gomo app and tap the Shop icon

2. Scroll down and choose Gomo Sim

3. You have the option to get a new number with Gomo or use your existing number from a different service provider by porting in process

4. Select the 30GB No Expiry data

5. Enter your Address and proceed to Check Out

GOMO’s No Expiry Data is awesome and I wanted you to try it! Here’s FREE 1GB just for you! Check GOMO now and use the referral code CHAR13086.

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