How to Get PSA Birth Certificate Online

Say goodbye to long queues and endless paperwork. Getting your PSA birth certificate has never been easier! Thanks to the power of the internet, you can now get your hands on one of the most important documents of your life without ever leaving your couch. Yes, you read that right – from the comfort of your own home, you can now get your PSA birth certificate with just a few clicks.

To get a PSA (Philippine Statistics Authority) birth certificate online, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to the “PSAserbilis website

2. Select “Birth Certificate” from the list of available documents.

3. Fill out the required information, including the full name of the person on the certificate, date of birth, and place of birth.

4. You have the option to send it to an embassy or government agency

5. Choose the delivery option and provide the necessary details.

6. The delivery options are from 2Go Express, LBC Express, PHLPost, DHL Express.

7. Review the summary of your request

8. The price is from PHP 330.00 per copy and USD 20.30 per copy for the delivery destinations outside the Philippines.

9. Pay the fee, which can be done through credit/debit card, Gcash, Grabpay, Shopeepay, or over-the-counter payment at any Bayad Center.

10. Wait for the PSA to process your application and deliver the certificate to your address.

By following these easy steps, getting your PSA birth certificate has never been more convenient. So, instead of wasting another minute standing in line, let’s embrace technology and get our hands on this important document from the comfort of our own homes. Plus, think of all the time and energy you’ll save, you can use that to catch up on your favorite shows or enjoy a well-deserved sleep.

Stay ahead of the curve is what it’s all about!
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