Guide to NAIA UBE Express Route and Fares 2024

If you’re looking for a convenient and affordable way to get to Metro Manila from NAIA, UBE Express P2P is a great option. UBE Express is a bus service that operates a fleet of point-to-point buses that travel directly between NAIA and its neighboring areas.

Welcome to the ultimate guide on the NAIA UBE Express Route and Fares for 2024 – your shortcut to a hassle-free airport journey. No more stress, no more chaos – just smooth sailing and all the deets you need to breeze through the urban jungle.

NAIA UBE Express Route and Fares 2024

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FAQs about NAIA P2P Schedule with Ube Express

Fare: depends on the trip
Payment Method: Cash and Beep Card
NAIA Pick-up Point: NAIA Terminal 3, in Bay 12

If you have any questions contact Ube Express customer service:
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